A children’s portion instead of an adult: the stepfather made the whole family save on food

You probably met people who buy products only by promotion. Or go only to those restaurants where there are “happy hours”. You can understand the careful attitude to money, but not when it turns into stinginess – and brings discomfort to others. Many, like our heroine, will not stand this attitude towards themselves.

Buy clothes on sale, refuse entertainment … This is not all ways to increase your savings. One girl anonymously shared a story about her stepfather on the Internet, which saves money on campaigns in a cafe.

The man met the storyteller’s mother when the girl entered the university. She was not against these relations and considered him a good person – nothing strange or wrong was observed in the behavior of the future stepfather. But years later it turned out that there was still an occasion for unrest. And this is an excessive frugality of a man.

“When we went to fast food restaurants, he asked his mother to abandon the cheese in a burger to save several coins. In a cafe, he offered her not to order a drink from the menu, but to ask for water, ”the storyteller recalls. – At the same time, he always noted that we could choose dishes from other meat, which costs a pound (100 rubles) cheaper. “.

And such cases were repeated from time to time. So, when they went to the cafe with a large company, the stepfather asked the stepdaughter, her boyfriend, niece and her girlfriend to change their order: take not ordinary lasan, but from the children’s menu to save a few pounds.

Apparently, the family put up with the behavior of a man for a long time, but once a bowl of patience burst. The storyteller, her boyfriend, a mother with a stepfather and several relatives on both sides gathered in a restaurant, and again began to sound the request to “take that, and not that”. The girl could not stand the next torture.

“I asked him whether he was really so stingy to ask someone to change the order? To ask a person to abandon his beloved meat or drink to save a couple of pounds? He was furious, ”said the storyteller.

Fortunately, the girl was not alone in her claims to his stepfather: “My


mother jumped up and said that she wanted to know the answer to my question, since she was tired of lack of freedom in choosing food. Mom said that she works a lot, so she can sometimes eat outside the house or spend some money on the one she takes care of and whom she loves. And she does not like to feel like a criminal in her husband’s eyes “.

My stepfather listened to all the claims, but did not draw any conclusions. Moreover, he called the stepdaughter “small and stupid”. But this did not upset the girl: she wanted to intercede for her mother, who “deserves better handling”, and she did it. It is hoped that the woman herself will no longer be a hostage to her husband’s stinginess and will begin to live as she wants.

However, it is worth admitting that an adult (and the storyteller has not been studying at school for a long time) is quite capable of paying for himself instead of expecting an endless generosity from his mother’s partner.

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